General Principles About Trauma

GENERAL PRINCIPLES ABOUT TRAUMA Variables Contributing to Different Responses  Physical proximity to the actual event Those who were closest to the event likely to have a stronger response than those who were some distance away. Previous traumas Some people may have had traumas of different types (physical or sexual abuse, accidents, medical traumas, neglect) in […]

Outcomes for Treatment?

Are you able to share any numeric results with me? For example, of everyone that goes through this program, how many experience positive outcomes? Do these outcomes last after six month, one year, etc? After treatment, what is the plan? How do you make sure that people end treatment in an ok place? Dear____, I […]


Are there any resources that provide guidance on what to do with dreams pre or post ITR? There isn’t anything that has been written specifically about dreams in the ITR Method but I can tell you how I address them. (This would be a good topic for a blog.) I approach a dream being as […]