General Principles About Trauma

GENERAL PRINCIPLES ABOUT TRAUMA Variables Contributing to Different Responses  Physical proximity to the actual event Those who were closest to the event likely to have a stronger response than those who were some distance away. Previous traumas Some people may have had traumas of different types (physical or sexual abuse, accidents, medical traumas, neglect) in […]

The Importance of Trauma-informed Education

Adverse childhood experiences and childhood trauma can have a potentially overwhelming negative effect upon a child’s ability to learn. However, far too many schools and educators still do not understand the role of trauma in a child’s life, its effects on learning and child development, and how educators can more effectively interact and respond to […]

Tips for Helping Parents Support Their Kids after Traumatic Events

Most children will be exposed to a psychologically traumatic event during their childhood. Simply stated, psychological trauma is any event that overwhelms the brain’s ability to integrate thee experience and triggers the fight-flight-freeze response. The individual perceives the event as a threat to life, health or sanity, or the person may witness that same threat […]

Inner Voices: A Common Symptom of PTSD

Unfortunately, people who have experienced trauma often don’t know that inner voices are a common symptom of PTSD. They can be confused about the cause of their voices and their relationship to them. The inner voices that accompany PTSD often play various roles and can sound like inner critics, but through effective therapy, people who […]