Registering & Logging In:

The email you use is your USERNAME – email this to us and we will assign you a password.
It only works like this way. It shows an error or looks like nothing happened but it did. See BUG LIST below.

HFT Free Beta Web-App Bug List:

  • It give you an error message when you register yourself or a “client”…But it works. Just send us the email you used.
  • Works best on Google Chrome on a computer (not formatted for phones or tablets IOS or android)
  • You can not change your PW since email doesn’t send only we can so email requests
  • You can’t change the safe place once it has been drawn
  • You can’t edit a Parts name in Ext Dialogue
  • You can only do 4 externalized dialogues since the scroll doesn’t work…
  • It seems to record okay if your permissions are correct with a video conferencing tool like Zoom. Record a slide and test it first before re-presenting the whole narrative.
  • Work-around: The therapist can go into the client account (with VIEW AS CLIENT) and record /re-present the story from their computer and play it back from there. Be sure that in the share screen with the SHARE COMPUTER AUDIO button checked in left corner.
  • OR The therapist can re-present from their screen operating the “next buttons” of the record function while the client records with their phone. Then they can watch it back through the phone.
Let us know if you have any issues.