Trauma is treatable. Anytime. Anywhere.

The ITR® web-app is in beta test and at this time only available if you are working with an ITR therapist.

The app was designed by Dr. Lou Tinnin and Dr. Linda Gantt to assist the ITR Certified Trauma Specialist help their clients but are limited with accessibility or time. Dr Lou and Linda believe individuals who did ITR intensive work already or have a short history of trauma (such as preverbal trauma or strong thoughts/voices) and no skilled Specialist to work with would benefit greatly using the ITR web-app on their own.

Hourly Therapy

Specialists who have time constraints in their setting will often book 1-3 hour sessions to do the ITR work faster and more efficiently, but sometimes this is not possible. The ITR web-app can be very useful to help a person move faster through necessary trauma resolution by having access to their work virtually and  in between sessions. Clinicians may have some clients more comfortable using a device. The ITR app guides a person along the techniques and tasks of Instinctual Trauma Response. The ITR web-app offers many options as a powerful too using the Instinctual Trauma Response.

Remote Therapy

These days many practitioners and clients are enjoying the ability to do remote work. The ITR web-app is a great tool for doing intensive trauma resolution virtually. The ITR Trauma Specialist and their client can screen share with the preferred platform and do the steps to move through traumatic events with a guided program. If a person can do work in between sessions the Specialist will be able to access the work at any time. This will be essential if the situation is such that a client or therapist can only connect via the phone or internet.

Clients Have Access Anytime

A person with a private account will have access  to do their trauma resolution work anytime as long as they have internet access.  This will be very helpful if they recall events after therapy.  The ITR web-app will give them the opportunity to have a guide through the ITR techniques and exercises. The ability to continue to do Externalized Dialogue is key to long lasting results after finishing the stories.  ITR web-app will hold the written or video dialogues as long as a person wants them. All work will remain on the secured private account for future reference until it is deleted by the user. Certain sections  can also be downloaded or printed.

Explore Help for Trauma App

Art-Informed Techniques

The Instinctual Trauma Response™ method is considered art-informed therapy. Much of the process includes drawing images and many people enjoy doing this on a device. The opportunity to use advanced techniques including drawing tools, text options and photos makes this web/app a favorite for some populations. People can do their own work with ultimate privacy if need be. We recommend ITR™ Specialists help those with CPTSD or other more comlicated histories if possible.

Written or Video Externalized Dialogue

Externalized Dialogue™ is essential to the ITR process and important to use as a lifelong tool to keep the benefits long term.  Many people with DID can get an extra benefit by using the video version of the dialogue.  It is powerful and encouraging to see the “parts” are in the same person as the true self.

Re-Presentation and Integration

Many clients will enjoy doing their own Graphic Narrative™ work.  It is impressive for them to tell the story in the third-person, past tense, and to hear it back in their own voice.  It helps to integrate the story and “recode” the whole brain to know the event is over. Control over one’s healing is empowering and an essential part of the Mental Health Emancipation Movement.