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Instinctual Trauma Response®

Learn about the Instinctual Trauma Response® (ITR) approach. It gently, quickly, and effectively eliminates or greatly reduces traumatic stress.

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ITR® Online or Live

Instinctual Trauma Recovery makes your experience convenient and comfortable with an ITR Certified Trauma Specialist doing sessions online or in person.

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Freedom With ITR®

Using Graphic Narrative® and Externalized Dialogue® with the Instinctual Trauma Response (ITR) program gently, quickly, and effectively eliminates or greatly reduces the effects of traumatic stress

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ITR® Adult Program

ITR or Instinctual Trauma Response® is fast, simple, and effective. ITR can be used for any type of traumatic stress. A majority of people who come to us have had experiences of all kinds that are causing symptoms in their present-day life. 20-30+ hours of sessions can be done in person or online. If virtual intensives are the preferred method of delivery, ITR specialists can work with a proprietary web application ( for ease of accessibility on a computer or a tablet.

We offer help with pre-verbal traumas. Experience relief from post-traumatic symptoms caused by pre-verbal childhood traumas. Dealing with these foundation traumas is the basis of the ITR program. Such traumas are not even recognized by many people because they do not know how to address the nonverbal experiences of very young children. Bouts of anxiety, panic attacks, life-long depression, and a persistent feeling of dread are symptoms of traumatic stress that often contribute to a misunderstanding of the root cause. These can arise from necessary surgeries, invasive medical procedures, accidents, or adoptions.

Fortunately, foundational traumas can be dealt with in a short time.

We offer strategies for resolving traumatic dissociation. ITR helps reverse dissociation and resolve victim mythology (negative beliefs or behaviors) and recover a sense of who the present-day true self is and help a person integrate into life in a healthy way.

ITR brings full closure to traumatic stories for the whole brain. Flashbacks and intrusive thoughts become part of the past. This helps a person recognize the past events as “That was then, this is now. THE END.”

Traumatic Stress is not a life sentence. It can be resolved in a short period of time!

Get a free prescreen and see what a specialist recommends for you.

ITR® Children’s Program

We base our child and adolescent program on the same theory as our adult program but make adjustments for the child’s age, cognitive development, and emotional level. We focus on “telling the story” (externalizing the traumas) and on dealing with the child’s parts that are “stuck” in the past. We involve the parent or caretaker in most of the sessions and often that also helps the parent/caretaker with ways to work at home with the child.

This program is especially suitable for children and adolescents who have had preverbal traumas, such as adoption, accidents, severe injuries, operations, invasive and/or repeated medical treatments, sexual abuse, bullying, grief, and attachment issues. Sometimes with attachment issues, an NFT Brain Map is suggested before treatment along with Parenting Attachment Courses.

The sooner a child does ITR, the better for everyone involved. We can take children as young as 2 years old. As long as they understand language and are out of the trauma or traumatic situation (domestic violence), they can be treated.

Get a free prescreen and see what a specialist recommends for you.

Many states have special funding for post-adoptive families. Your state and county may have funds available for this specialized treatment.

Couple’s and Family Programs

Trauma is a family affair. Couples and families can benefit greatly from doing the ITR Recovery Program. Call or email for more information

ITR Follow-Up Coaching

Coaching can be requested after intensive work is completed or if there are no troubling symptoms present. This work is very effective and will help you integrate back into your life after your traumas are processed.

It is also designed for people who have no current troubling symptoms but feel stuck and want to move forward in life.

Scheduling and Investment

You can work with an ITR Certified Trauma Specialist in-person, online, or a combination of the two.

The ITR intensive treatment program is a customized schedule of 2-6 hours a day and can be scheduled 2 to 5 days a week depending on your needs.

Before committing to a course of treatment we provide two complimentary meetings by phone and Zoom. One is administrative and one clinical.

The initial complimentary prescreen with an ITR client liaison provides you with answers to program questions. If the ITR program is a good fit for you, they will send you assessment questionnaires to fill out and return.

Then, during the complimentary 30-minute Zoom session with an ITR Certified Trauma Specialist, you will review this information, discuss your history and current symptoms and determine a treatment plan for you.

ITR Intensive Program sessions are on a  sliding scale of $250-$300/hour. They consist of 2-6 hours a day over 2 to 5 days a week with a 20-hour minimum. They can be customized for your needs.

ITR follow-up coaching is $150/hour with an initial 5-hour minimum.

The ITR Trauma Recovery services come with: 

~ITR Assessments before and after

~3 additional complimentary follow sessions

~ITR Family Workbook 

~1-year subscription to the ITR web app 

~We donate 10% of our sales to the nonprofit to help fund trauma education and research.

And a Money Back GUARANTEE you will get results if you do the recommended treatment plan!

We do not have a magic wand, but we know our treatment works if you give it the recommended time and are willing to do the work.

We are happy to discuss payment and scheduling options with you. We want to help.

A 50% deposit will hold the dates and the balance is due 2 weeks before the intensive sessions begin.

We are private-pay and do not directly bill insurance.

For a payment plan, this organization comes highly recommended for personal loans

Call us at +1-800-755-6105 or fill out the Contact Us form.

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“My wife went thru a therapy program using this Instinctual Trauma Response program and had excellent results. It eliminated all her flashbacks, her panic attacks and so on. It did what was being explained to her. Be careful about being critical until you understand more. This therapy will eventually be the standard for treating PTSD.”

Charlie, 36 Years

“I am more free to be myself, to be real with everything my life has held, and to allow myself to experience a full range of emotions regarding my life. ITR helped me put together various puzzle pieces I’d been looking at in counseling and couldn’t make sense of. Probably the biggest change is that I know it is a very good thing that I am alive and life is beautiful. There is a big change in my perspective.”

Alexandra, 27 Years

“I feel so much freer and happier now and have been able to use tools I learned (grounding, external dialoging) to get through rough times. I am back on my “feet”, stronger than ever, enjoying a new line of work for now, many friends, life in general and perhaps most important: a much better sense of myself–all parts of myself that I now understand, accept guide and love.”

Female, 46 Years

“Whether acute or sustained, the effects of trauma on the brain can lead not only to anguish for the client, but also to frustration for the clinician. These painful conditions, so often resistant to even the most sophisticated therapies, are now, thanks to the dedication of Drs. Tinnin and Gantt, able to be approached with a new and remarkably successful methodology. This is a model for responsible and effective care.”

Judith A. Rubin, Ph.D., ATR-BC, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh

“The therapeutic implications of this concept are profound, and are addressed in detail, providing theory and application of techniques that embrace both cognitive and non-verbal somatic/behavioral elements.”

Robert Scaer, MD, Author of The Body Bears the Burden, The Trauma Spectrum and Eight Keys to Body-Brain Balance.
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