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Be trauma-informed and effective. Learn how to ground.
ITR Certifications and CEs for mental health providers.
ITR Training is available to anyone wanting to learn.

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Trauma is a major public health problem, yet many therapists and other professionals have not been trained in recognizing or treating it.

Dr Linda Gantt ATR-BC, a well-known art therapist, and researcher, and her late husband Dr Louis Tinnin (The Instinctual Trauma Response™, The ITR method was developed by Dr Louis Tinnin), a psychiatrist, worked with trauma survivors of all ages. They condensed over 3 decades of clinical and hospital experiences into training and tools to assist you in helping people be freed from the chains of the past, live in the present, and thrive in the future! Join us on the mission to free people from trauma and change mental health once and for all.

Trauma can be healed and it doesn’t take years to do it.

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No pre-requisites or special certifications required for ITR training.

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FREE WEBINAR: What is Trauma

Trauma Therapy is the reaction to the aftermath of a extremely distressing or disturbing incident that overwhelms a person’s capacity to cope, creates an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness and and diminishes their sense of self-worth and their capacity to experience an array of emotions and feelings.

Learn about trauma, how we are all wired to have an Instinctual Trauma Response, and how to resolve it with ITR.”

FREE COURSE: Parents of Foster or Adoptive Children

As per The National Institute of Mental Health (USA) and National Association of Social Workers (NASW, USA), A traumatic experience for a child can be emotionally distressing or emotional and can result in permanent physical and mental effects.

Learn how trauma affects children and their behaviors. Understand how to work with them and how to help reduce stress in the family. This course is very helpful for ANY caregiver dealing with a trauma survivor.

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FREE COURSE: Educators

Trauma Therapy Certification and Clinician Trauma Therapy course was designed for all kinds of educators to learn how to identify trauma in children, create safe spaces, and ideas to help ground a child and keep the other children safe.

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