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“My wife went thru a therapy program using this Instinctual Trauma Response program and had excellent results. It eliminated all her flashbacks, her panic attacks and so on. It did what was being explained to her. Be careful about being critical until you understand more. This therapy will eventually be the standard for treating PTSD.”


36 Years

“Processing traumas has really made a difference in my life.”


48 Years

“The trauma’s are not on the forefront of my mind anymore. The treatment definitely worked in storing trauma from short to long term memory.”


29 Years

“I am more free to be myself, to be real with everything my life has held, and to allow myself to experience a full range of emotions regarding my life. ITR helped me put together various puzzle pieces I’d been looking at in counseling and couldn’t make sense of. Probably the biggest change is that I know it is a very good thing that I am alive and life is beautiful. There is a big change in my perspective.”


27 Years

“I feel like a heavy weight that was resting on my shoulders has been lifted. I feel free from the anchor of depression that was holding me back. I just feel so relieved – I did not know that I could feel so uplifted!”


20 Years

“I feel so much freer and happier now and have been able to use tools I learned (grounding, external dialoging) to get through rough times. I am back on my “feet”, stronger than ever, enjoying a new line of work for now, many friends, life in general and perhaps most important: a much better sense of myself–all parts of myself that I now understand, accept guide and love.”


46 Years